‘Sherlock’ Season 3: Decompressed

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Few shows have had as much build up as the third season of Sherlock. The shows popularity had gone through the roof by the end of the sixth movie length episode, followed by more than a year waiting on a cliff-hanger. Everyone wanted to know how Sherlock faked his death, and where they would take things next. So…did it pay off?

Sherlock waiting

#1 – The Empty Hearse

I’ll have to give the show credit for not hinging the success of the new season on explaining how Sherlock pulled off his fake death. This would’ve been a make it/break it moment and instead of tackling it head on the writers side-step the explanation and show a number of versions ranging from comic to plausible. It is revealed that during intervening years Sherlock has been dismantling Moriarty’s international criminal network. It’s a shame this isn’t expanding on because we’d quite like the…

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